Announcing InfraDocs!

PRESS RELEASE: 12 March 2019

Announcing InfraDocs!

Pegasus Legal is pleased to announce the launch of InfraDocs, a tech-based legal services solution for the renewable energy industry.

“The small to mid-scale renewable energy industry has limited access to legal services that are fast, high quality and affordable. InfraDocs will change all that. It is our part in supporting and growing the renewable energy industry.” Gerald Arends, Director, InfraDocs

So what is InfraDocs?

InfraDocs will work with businesses to develop contracts to suit their specific needs.  These contracts will be accessible through the InfraDocs platform, allowing each business to generate customised contracts as and when it needs them.

“Managing legal and compliance risk is not very glamorous but it is critical to the sustainability and profitability of any business. InfraDocs will help businesses in the renewable energy industry do just that.” Swati Johri, Director, InfraDocs

Further information coming soon.

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