Pegasus Legal Community Engagement — Brisbane Symphony Orchestra


Pegasus Legal Community Engagement — Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

The Brisbane Symphony Orchestra cordially invites you to its 6 September 2015 performance of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No 2 (Resurrection) at City Hall in the Brisbane CBD. This is a rarely performed work given its colossal instrumentation and requirements for choir and vocal soloists. The Brisbane Chorale and soloists Georgia Hawes-White and Melinda Janetzki (née Melinda van der Meulen) will feature in this performance.

Many philosophers and intellectuals search for why we exist.  Mahler used his second symphony, the Resurrection, to give the world insight to his view.  He created a tonal landscape that explored the trials and joys of life and when sound could no longer adequately express his thoughts he used the text, "I come from God and I return to God", to answer his questions.

Pegasus Legal is a proud supporter of the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra aiming to provide it with the financial support to undertake larger productions at venues that might otherwise not be accessible to the Brisbane Symphony Orchestra. 

Pegasus Legal is boutique law firm specialising in energy, infrastructure, property and construction.  We pride ourselves on assisting clients in the development of assets that are useful to society.  We maintain relationships within the communities in which we are operating by re-investing part of our revenue into charitable causes.

For further information please contact Directors Gerald Arends or Swati Johri.